How to support in League of Legends to boost your Elo

Support is the role in League of Legends that demands overall game understanding. Support champions are high utility champions that create advantages and opportunities for their teammates to capitalize on. A skilled support gives his team the edge it needs to claim victory, and can turn the tide of battle with just one well-timed play. As a support you can also boost your Elo. We have some tips to make you play better as a support and make your team to honor you for a great game.

As a support player you have many roles and principles on how to play. The basics supports must have good map awareness, must control the vision, must protect their teammates and harass opponents while in laning phase, but I’ll describe this more in the article below.

Supports start off in the Bottom lane by assisting the marksman also known as the ADC or the AD Carry as their own kit is less dependent on items to function well, but over the time their contribution expands as they lend aid to the entire team with both their spells and effective in yet affordable items.


Picking the perfect support is made by analyzing your team’s composition as well as the enemy team’s composition.

Squishy team or with no engage?

thresh, braum and allistar in elo boost baner

If your team has a strong teamfight potential that lacks initiation or if the enemy team has a squishy champions or if tour team is squishy, then you should be picking tanky champions with an engage. Champions such as Thresh, Alistar, Braum etc. are very popular for this type of play style. These supports can start fights very easily with their area of effect crowd control or their ability to pick someone off like a Thresh’s hook that allows your team to follow up and do more damage.

Team with immobile champions or without disengage?

janna, lulu and nami league of legends

If your team has squishy or immobile champions which have no disengage or if the enemy team has very mobile champions that can reach to your backline very quickly, then you should be playing champions such as Janna, Lulu, Nami etc. They have many peeling abilities that will protect and stop enemies from breaking your frontline and killing your carries.

Team with few tanks with no damage or lacks of AP?
brand, morgana and zyra boost elo with ap mags

If your team has for example tank top and tank jungle, pick an aggressive mage support with much damage and some crowd control like Zyra, Brand, Morgana etc. Supports like this will also help you win easily your lane. They have much damage and can easily kill enemy ADC or support, especially with ignite. This champions are also great harassing the enemies and zoning them from farming minions at laning phase. After laning phase mage supports can easily win teamfights, but you need to be in a good position.


It’s great debate on whether your should be taking exhaust or ignite with your flash on Bot lane. So when should you take exhaust as a support? Exhaust is very good against assasins such as Zed, Talon, Ahri etc. and it’s also pretty good against them. Champions that are tanky like bruises, but also do a lot of damage such Jax, Irelia because besides reducing their movement speed and damage dealt by them. Your team can deal more damage to them while they’re exhausted. It’s also good if you don’t have enough crowd control on your team. When should you take ignite as a support? Ignite is great when you play against heal heavy champions such as Soraka or Dr. Mundo because it reduces their healing effects on the target. It’s also good when used before the enemy uses a summoner spell-heal because it reduces that effect on that too. It’s also good if you have plenty of crowd control on your team because there’s not really any point of you taking an exhaust, if you have plenty of crowd control. It also enables you to have more kill potential at Bot lane during lane phase and also during the entire game really.

1. Protecting your teammates.

So with laning phase first rule is to protect your ADC. In laning phase if you and your ADC is doing his job correctly, then he should have some kills. You should be doing your best to keep him alive. If worse comes to worst, sacrifice yourself, so that he can get away and live. You don’t want the enemy to get the gold bounty and to kill your AD Carry because your ADC and the team will be put behind.
After the lane phase you should also protect the other carries in your team because they’re also important. Protecting your carries allows them to do as much damage as possible. Even if it’s maybe protecting your mid laner, protecting your strongest carry is the best thing to do as they will have the largest effect on the teamfight. Sacrifice yourself if it’s necessary. You are much less valuable than other members of your team. Losing a support versus losing a carry or tank is much better in terms of overall presence as the other players on your team will be able to contribute much more directly to the game, while they’re alive.

2. Helping your ADC to last hit minions under your turret.

When there are 3 (or more) casters at your turret and you plan to AA them once so that the Adc can last hit them, don't prepare ALL of them. By the time the 3rd minion will be ready to get last-hitted, your minion wave will be at your tower, they will damage the caster and the turret will kill it. You shouldn't prepare minions to get last-hitted if your Adc has a BF or Pickaxe already, their damage is high enough to kill minions without you auto attacking them once. Unless the minion has high hp (at least 80%), if they're focusing it, it is probably because they intend to use some abilities or AA resets to prepare and get that minion, don't mess it up.

3.Setting up kills.

At the start of the game the support is a key for an early kill in your lane. A great support is someone who harass and poke the enemies, while your ADC is farming minions. When your jungler ganks or if the opportunity is right, you engage onto the enemy ADC or support, so your laning partner which is your ADC or your jungler can secure a kill or force the enemy to use a summoner spell, making it easier for you and your ADC to kill them next time. With setting up kills and depending on what champions you’re playing you should be setting up kills for your team by initiating on the enemy or by following up with your team and killing them, while they all go in.


Zoning is when you’re controlling your enemies’ positioning and/or making them afraid of entering your zone. This is beneficial because they will have a much harder time funding items due to not being able to last hit minions for gold. Also by pushing the enemy far back enough, you can even deny experience from dying minions, this will put them behind. Only zone if you’re stronger than them or hide in the brushes or make them fear a gank. If you zoned them without a reason, you’re just going to get yourself killed seeing as they’re not feared and they will just easily kill you.

5.Resetting Waves during laning phase.

Before heading back to base you and your ADC should reset the wave. In order to reset the wave you need to push on the minions to the enemy turret fast enough, so that can kill off your minions. If the enemy Bot lane has also backed, they will miss out on the wave putting them behind an XP and gold. This also means that the next wave of minions will be in the middle of the lane which is resetting it.

6. Warding and map awareness.

Map control is very important. If it’s possible, you should always buy wards and make a vision around the map. Warding is immensely important in terms of simply just winning the game. As a support player, it’s mainly your job to ward up the map. Of course, your teammates can also put some wards, but you have much time to do this because you’re not farming. Pay attention to where your opponents’ wards are and tell this to your teammates or ping them. If it’s possible, you should clear this wards. This will help your jungler to gank correctly. By placing wards around your lane you will be protecting your own lane from possible ganks. If enemy from your lane is missing, you should ping this to your teammates because probably an opponent wants to roam mid or went to the jungle. You also have to be smart about where you place your wards because map awareness and map control is very important in League of Legends. You can also put some wards in the river or in the enemy’s jungle, so this allows you to spot enemies’ position and you can react to them better or even set up counter plays, if you’re in position to do so. After the lane phase you should be warding around the map depending on what your team is rotating to or what objective you should be keeping vision on, even if it’s a Dragon, Rift Herald, Baron Nashor or even Blue and Red Buff.

7. Roaming in League of Legends.

Being able to apply pressure to other lanes is a good way of getting them ahead and helping lanes never hurts anyone, right? Just as long as you do it properly and don’t leave your ADC alone. Make sure to only roam when when you don’t need to be at his side. Examples of this would be when the enemy Bot lane is in spawn and when you’ve just left spawn yourself, almost like taking a detour to mid before you go to bot. It’s best to have boots as well we do this, so you’re not spending too much time just wandering about. Supports’ roamings often focus on ganking lanes, warding and clearing wards.

8. Being a positive player.

Support your team both in the game and emotionally. If your teammates are arguing, then try to calm them down and tell them to focus on game. Even if your team is losing every lane, don’t flame them and stay positive. Don't give up and you'll win more games, and stay positive and you'll get recognition for your plays, thanks for the good game and honors. Remember, being a positive player makes this game more pleasant and fun to play. If you stay positive, you will win more games and you will boost your Elo as well.

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