Five tips how to carry as a jungler

Today I want to write about how to carry as a jungler and five key jungle tips for carrying. A lot of people jungle, but a lot of people don’t necessarily know how to carry as a jungler or how to have a lot of impact.

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The first thing I recommend to all of you who want to carry as a jungler whether you’re new to the role or you’ve been doing it for a while, just stay away from high skill cap risky junglers like Lee Sin and Kha’zix. Yes, they can be very impactful, but if you don’t get the ball rolling really hard early and mid game many times, you will lose the game and especially in lower Elo’s champions like Lee Sin and Kha’zix aren’t as good because the games go really long since people don’t close out in low Elo. Honestly the only thing I suggest for you right now are sustain junglers and tank junglers in the current meta, stay away from high skill cap risky champions like Lee Sin and Kha’zix, you’re just hurting yourself.

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Alright, now for the second tip this is a huge one. I see this all the freaking time even in higher Elos and it’s over ganking. Over ganking is when you put yourself behind while simultaneously putting your teammates behind because you’re not properly farming your own jungle or assessing whether you should take that gank or not. Especially lower Elos might not understand this, so they’ll just constantly be ganking. There’s a couple of things that you have to ask yourself and run through your mind very quickly before you go in for every gank. The first thing is you need to know if their flashes are up and if yes, you need to figure out, if you can get a kill or at least burn the flash. If you can get a kill or at least burn the flash, you should probably go in for the gank, if not, stay away from it. The second thing is that there’s a pretty good percent chance you or your teammate gonna die from doing this gank because the enemy is ahead or you or your teammates is low on HP, you should really stay away from it. It’s not worth it. Just stay in a jungle, get your buffs, get level 6. Another thing you need to ask yourself is if your ultimate is about to come up or if you’re about to get level 6 from taking next camp. At first, you should probably take the next camp to get your ultimate, because then you’ll have a lot better chance of killing a laner. Most junglers are a lot better at ganking once they are level 6. I’m not saying you shouldn’t gank until you level 6, but in general if you can’t find a good gank reflect, you can burn at least a flash or farm till you’re 6 and then look for better ganks.


The third tip is honestly really important: don’t gank the begging lane. Many times you’ll see a laner who has lost 1v1. Let’s say you have a Tryndamere top lane who got beat down and shut down by a rumble 1v1. He hasn’t even got ganked and he’s 0:3. Now the Rumble is level 6, the Tryndamere’s level 4 and you’re level 5. Do you really think it’s a good idea to go gank that Rumble who has more items, more levels and has ultimate? Probably not. Oftentimes, whenever one of your laners gets crushed really bad, it’s better to ignore him all and not go there because oftentimes you’ll die 2v1 or if enemy jungler comes, you’ll definitely lose a 2v2. You need to focus on your winning lanes or lanes that have the potential to be a winning lane. If you put all your time and energy into a sunken ship, you’re just gonna waste all your time and energy and you’re still just gonna have a sunken ship. Now I understand that this might really annoy that teammate he may not understand it because he doesn’t understand League of Legends very well. Don’t blame him and don’t say that he sucks and you’re not coming top. You can ignore him or say, “I’m sorry I gotta focus on my other lanes“, but don’t flame him because he might actually afk. Before we move on tip number 4 it’s an important to note that if your laner is only one or maybe two kills behind, a lot of times you can still gank it. It can be effective as long as the enemy laner has pushed into your laners’ turret. Just because the enemy laner has one more long sword, that doesn’t mean you can’t gank him because oftentimes you still can.


The forth tip is all about Minimap. As a jungler you always need to be looking on your Minimap. This will help your track down the enemy jungler, where he’s been, where he’s going. For example even if you haven’t seen him, take his buff. If you don’t know when it’s spawning in, just keep an eye on your Minimap. There should be an indicator at the one-minute mark whenever his buff is about to spawn in and it will be like a gray little symbol on top of his red or blue buff. That would give your important information that: “Hey, his buff is about to spawn in one minute”, so it will turn yellow when it’s 20 seconds away from spawning in. You can keep this in mind. This is, for example red buff and he’s playing a champion like Kha’zix or warwick etc. you can figure he’s probably going to be there in 20 seconds because it’s important to him. You can use this information to be on the opposite side of the map and maybe gank the enemy bot lane because you know that enemy jungler is not going to be there. It’ll be a lot safer or if you’re ahead as a jungler, you can go into their jungle at that time and kill him, take the buff before he gets there and kill them or while he’s doing it, it just depends. Looking on your Minimap in general is also good because if your counter jungling you need to know, if the enemy team is collapsing on you. If you’re even in your own jungle, sometimes the enemy team will collapse on you, so it’s good to keep an eye on it. Watch in which general directions they’re moving and look at what objectives or people are in that area, you can typically figure out what they’re gonna do next. Looking at the Minimap will help you to boost your Elo and win games easier.


The fifth tip is honestly my favorite one because I play a lot of level 6 intensive junglers like Sejuani and Warwick, so I realized the value of an ultimate. It’s very important that whenever you are level 6 or you’re about to hit it, you need to be setting up a gank. Whenever you do hit level 6 assume you have enough health to gank. Look for an easy kill, for example an enemy laner pushed into one of your turrets or an enemy laner who’s very low on HP. Whenever you do hit level 6 don’t just mindlessly keep farming your jungle. You’re wasting your cooldowns, you need to try to gank and use your ultimate if you guys have ever played fiddlesticks you’ll really understand the importance of this one . That is gonna wrap up this video I hope you guys enjoyed these short 5 pro jungle tips I personally use them every game.

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