Top 10 most useful tips to raise youre elo in League of Legends

Today we wanted to cover some of the more common mistakes that players make as well as things that they can do to improve instead of obsessing over the smaller sort of minor details that maybe you might not know about that only really matter at higher levels of play. We’re gonna be focusing on some of the more common things that lower Elo players definitely should improve on and overall some really incredible things that you need to do, if you want to climb.


Number 10 tip for today is to focus more on your warding. There was a time in League of Legends history of war warding was kind of the supports job, but those days are just years behind us now. The introduction of trinkets makes it easy for everyone to get involved, but you should really be buying control wards throughout the entire game. If you have a spare 75 gold and an empty item slot after visiting the base, always pick up a ward and definitely make sure you’re finding a useful place to put it. It’s even worth selling Doran’s items to buy control wards, if you’re finding self without space in the late game. It’s a tiny investment that could definitely be the difference between winning a teamfight and taking some objectives or getting picked off and losing the game because someone got caught and then there’s a resulting four versus five fight. The statistics don’t lie. I mean the more control wards you buy on average, the higher your Elo is also on average. You don’t need to know the perfect control ward spots right now. Just focus on buying them and sticking them somewhere where they can watch your back. I mean it’s the easiest thing you can do to supercharge your gameplay and it’s gonna be well worth the 75 gold just about every time.

warding in league of legends elo boosting


At number 9 you want to work on improving your map awareness. Wards are only going to help, if you also have the habit of looking at your Minimap. Train yourself to definitely look over at it periodically, every five to 10 seconds or so and generally just really pay attention to what’s going on rest of the map. I mean good players are almost always looking at the Minimap to stay aware of anything that happens especially, if you’re a solo laner that’s trying to avoid getting ganked or something like that. Focusing entirely on winning your lane is an easy mistake to make since it usually results in you getting ganked and losing anyway. So look at the Minimap. Whenever you can spare a second and definitely get yourself in the habit of doing it and building that sort of strong good habit. You’ll find yourself dying to ganks much less often. It’ll also help you develop a much more strategic approach to when it comes to choosing which objective to go for.


Speaking of objectives definitely focus on them. Our number 8 tip for today is that you should always be playing for objectives. The first objective you have is to gather gold, so focus on efficient farming while avoiding damage from the enemy laner. If you can maybe harass them enough to force them back, you can start looking at outer turrets either by pushing your own lane or roaming to help another. Sometimes you might win a teamfight, your entire team will chase down a straggler, but even in those situations you probably want to leave and just spend your time taking down tower instead. The global gold will put your team ahead and objectives are worth so much more than kills. League of Legends is an objective focused game, so definitely try to avoid getting sucked into these sort of clown Fiesta and focus on those objectives.

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Coming at the number 7 we have another tip that relates to focus, but this time you want to turn that focus towards yourself. You know ask yourself, if you are truly in the best mental state that you can be before you actually jump into a ranked game. Youou don’t want to be hungry, tired, really stressed out or in a bad mood or have any other distractions, if you want to play at you best. A distracted mind is more likely to tilt or play badly and those losses are gonna add up and stop you from climbing and it’s only gonna make any potential issues you’re dealing with a whole lot worse. It might not seem like a huge deal and honestly this is probably one of the more commonly ignored tips, but being relaxed, feeling positive can bring you a huge adventage, if you want to play at your best and climb the ladder. Now of course once you’re actually in a game, there’s not really that much you can do about negative or toxic teammates.


Our number 6 tip is that you shouldn’t be afraid to dodge, if things aren’t looking great in the pregame lobby. Toxic teammates are never gonna be fun to play with and troll pics are probably gonna lose you the game anyway. Dodging simply just makes so much sense all the time even from a mathematical perspective. Your first dodge only costs you a tiny 3lp which is a lot better than the 20 plus you might lose from the game and it’s just a small 5 minute way before he can queue up again. The second dodge is maybe a little bit more harash with 10lp and 30 minute wait, but it’s still way better than playing a toxic game, having the only reward be a ton of lost lp and overall just having a crappy experience. You know you don’t lose MMR rating when you dodge, so there’s actually really no disadvantage to it. You’re gonna make up the lost lp and future wins down the line. Definitely exercise your best judgment and maybe don’t dodge for absolutely no reason, but never stick around in a toxic lobby especially, if you think it’s gonna cost you the game.


Now our next pick for the number 5 tip is to thoroughly learn at least one or two champions for an off role. You know there’s a few thing that suck is about is getting your off role then feeling like you have no chance to carry in the game whatsoever. Choose a second favorite role and practice your offer role, practice come champions in a normal game and get some level of experience and comfort with them. Once you get comfortable on your off role picks, you’ll be a much more flexible player in general and not a result in a lot more wins. It can also be a huge help to pick two roles that maybe share champions. Certain junglers work well as top laners or some mid laners can double as aggressive caster supports, so maybe if your main role is jungle, maybe pick up that same champion that you’re playing in jungle start them in top lane, so it’s kind of more familiar. Find a champion pool or a role that suits you and kind of just make sense to transition to from what you’re already playing and sort of allow that to bleed over, so that you can play your best and even have a really good shot at carrying when you aren’t in your number one most preferred role because the reality of the situation is you’re gonna get off role a lot, so you better be prepared for it. If you stay focused, you will win more games and you will boost your Elo very quickly.


Tip number four is a bit of a reality check and it’s honestly probably one of the biggest differences I see between higher Elo players and lower Elo players and that’s, that it’s gonna take you hundreds of games to improve and actually be able to climb in the long run. It’s easy to pick up on a few of the tips we may be discussed so far. Start applying them to your game and you might be able to see some instant benefits, but climbing in general takes a long time. Statistically you are going to see a huge jump in your win rate until you put in the hours to improve and actually play those games as well as playing enough games to have your actual win rate, shine through among the trolls or the bad games or everything else. You can have a losing streak where you drop pretty far, but still be improving overall and brushing is just gonna make you get tilted and make those losses even more difficult to deal with and you’re just gonna be frustrated. The best players will play thousands of games every season and while you don’t need to dedicate your life to it and of course everyone has their own different situation. Not everyone can play League of Legends for four hours a day or more, but the reality is that improving requires a pretty significant time investment that you need to be willing to commit to. Keep in mind that you can learn a lot from even just one loss and an hour of gameplay is spent better, if your focus on your mistakes rather than playing on autopilot and kind of just trying to ignore it and move past it.


Now breaking into the top three we’ve got some pretty big ones and it’s a lesson of patience and that is to wait for your enemy to make mistakes. People kind of easily get roped into this idea that the aggressive playstyle is the best way to carry, but honestly just be patient and let your opponent outplay themselves. I mean this is something, that happens even in Challenger and the lower Elo you’re in, the more often mistakes will happen, so simply wait, play the safe game and keep your eyes open for your opportunity to punish your enemy. Rushing can sometimes lead to tilt or mistakes or desperate plays and safe gameplay often avoids that. Learn how to capitalize on your enemy’s mistakes and take advantage of every opportunity they give you, just don’t try and force it all the time.


Now our number two most useful tip to climb is actually to focus on easy to play, but effective champions. A lot of people assume that we’re calling lower Elo players mechanically bad when we say this, but that’s not the case at all. You know the less demanding champion is to play, the thing is that the more you can focus on other game elements like: farming, roaming, optimizing your items, your mechanics and other stuff like that. People kind of tend to jump onto the meta champions which is fine, unless there’s something that’s maybe way too complex for you or something, that you haven’t actually put in the time to learn properly. There are tons of super easy to play effective champions that you can learn and will work in almost any meta game. You know there’s a big reason why easier to play champions have higher win rates. I got to say this is an article about climbing, it’s not an article about having fun, so take that with a little bit of a grain of salt. You know having fun while you’re playing is still very important, but if you just absolutely 100% only want to focus on climbing, playing easier is definitely a great option for you.


Now our last tip for today and number one most useful tip to climb and gain Elo in League of Legends is to focus on your own gameplay and don’t care about other people’s gameplay. You can go from having a gold level mentality to a diamond one overnight, but that’s not gonna change your teammates. With that in mind you always want to be thinking about what you can do to help win the game, to carry, rather than worrying about your low skill botlane making low skill plays and going 0:8 by 8 minutes. You know you’re gonna lose a game now and again because of your team. It happens to everyone, but you, you can always do something better in every game ever and that’s why you need to learn from your mistakes. There’s something you can learn from every game and self-improvement is the only real way to climb in soloqueue. It’s kind of the entire system is designed around that, so always put the focus on yourself, let go of any frustration with your teammates and allow yourself to improve. That’s gonna be it for today’s top 10, hopefully some of these tips will help some of you guys in your climb. You probably knew about most of these already, but it’s good to keep them in your mind and thinking about them and just implementing them the best you can.

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